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6494o Simply Extraordinary Getaway
O - 6494 - MLS/PID# 85056117 

This property is for a very special person. One for whom beauty, comfort and privacy is paramount. The dwelling, on a ridge top about 370 feet above t . . .

Cape Breton $1,900,000 - Exclusive Tom Childs
7539o Farm Beautiful
O - 7539 - MLS/PID# 15046535  Map Icon Map View 

This land has been in the family since the late 1700s, farmed as a dairy farm until a few years ago when the recent farmer passed away. There are 160 . . .

Howie Centre $1,275,000 - Exclusive Tom Childs
7844o Secluded Beach Front
O - 7844 - MLS/PID# 50068865  Map Icon Map View 

This is what Cape Breton is all about. Forest, brooks, ocean side, a beach and privacy. Leaving the Shore Road, one is enveloped by a birch and fir fo . . .

$879,000 - Exclusive Tom Childs
8931o Luxury Home in Beautiful Baddeck
O - 8931 - MLS/PID# 85106078  New Price

It's hard not to get swept off your feet from the moment you walk into this house. With an abundance of detail, mahongany trim and dark oak hardwood f . . .

Baddeck $849,000 Desiree Campbell
8801o Absolutely Stunning
O - 8801 - MLS/PID# 50065978  Map Icon Map View 

Whatever Cape Breton is known to provide - beauty, peace, privacy - is met in this arrestingly lovely property. Perfectly situated high above the wave . . .

Grand Etang $620,000 Tom Childs
8327o Eagle Creek Estate on Beautiful Bras d'Or Lake
O - 8327 - MLS/PID# 50022565  Map Icon Map View 

This is a unique property, reflecting Cape Breton's finest features. Located on the Bras d'Or Lake, with a protected deep water anchorage, in-ground h . . .

West Bay Marshes $595,000 Tom Childs
8725o A Yacht At Your Back Door
O - 8725 - MLS/PID# 85163715  Map Icon Map View 

Enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in this totally renovated character home located on the Bras d'or Lake in the lovely sailing village of Baddeck, NS. With 5 . . .

Baddeck $589,000 Tom Childs
8719o English Country Garden
O - 8719 - MLS/PID# 85040327c  Map Icon Map View 

What's in a successful hospitality business? Location, of course, style, milieu and the two most important qualities - personality and skill. That cer . . .

Indian Brook $525,000 Tom Childs
8587o Sizable Acreage on Gulf of St. Lawrence
O - 8587 - MLS/PID# 50062892  Map Icon Map View 

This is one hundred and forty nine acres of almost totally raw land overlooking the outer bay that fronts on the Causeway to Cape Breton. There is app . . .

Troy $490,000 Tom Childs
8699o 194 Acre Bras d'Or Farm
O - 8699 - MLS/PID# 50122472  Map Icon Map View 

A very lovely example of old-style Cape Breton cattle farm, with mainly level fields that still yield attractive grasses even after 15 years since act . . .

Orangedale East $425,000 Tom Childs
8716o The Art of Luxury
O - 8716 - MLS/PID# 85040327  Map Icon Map View 

Ten acres of lovely, basically level wooded land with 1,000 feet of water frontage on picturesque MacDonald Lake is the settling for an ideal getaway . . .

Indian Brook $425,000 Tom Childs
8765o Splendid Perspectives
O - 8765 - MLS/PID# 50279173  Map Icon Map View 

Located on a rise of land, behind the cliffs above the Gulf, the property forms a wind break in a hillside bowl, in which the cluster of buildings sim . . .

Grand Etang $410,000 Tom Childs
7443o This is BIG
O - 7443 - MLS/PID# 85080166  Map Icon Map View 

This is BIG. The land fronts both (original) 200 acre parcels on the Baddeck River, a significant Cape Breton salmon river, with 78 and 42 acre riverf . . .

Big Baddeck $395,000 Tom Childs
8647o 400+ Acres for the 21st Century Pioneer
O - 8647 - MLS/PID# 15554025  Map Icon Map View 

This very large property was assembled from a number of smaller parcels that now total a contiguous 400+ acres. It has a woodland lake, extensive fore . . .

Barrachois $390,000 Tom Childs
8865o Very Desirable Bras d'Or Waterfront Property
O - 8865 - MLS/PID# 15326606  Map Icon Map View 

This property should satisfy the most distinguishing taste. The compact and yet comfortably private, well cared for house and grounds is just right. B . . .

Middle Cape $390,000 Tom Childs
8663o Beautiful Ocean Peninsula
O - 8663 - MLS/PID# 75100644  Map Icon Map View 

Peace in these unstable times is a sought after valuable but elusive commodity. This exquisite parcel of nine and a half acres and 420 feet of waterfr . . .

Cap La Ronde $350,000 Tom Childs
8872o Inverness Bungalow
O - 8872 - MLS/PID# 50124700  Map Icon Map View 

Nestled in the heart of Inverness, is this cozy and spacious four bedroom home. All four bedrooms and full bath are on the main floor; accompanied by . . .

Inverness $205,000 Desiree Campbell
8134o Large Homestead - Excellent Location
O - 8134 - MLS/PID# 85084069  Map Icon Map View 

This property should be viewed by all prospective buyers who wish privacy, the sense of remote, while actually only 15 minutes from Baddeck. Embroider . . .

South Side Baddeck River $189,000 Tom Childs
7222o The Secret Farm
O - 7222 - MLS/PID# 50041060  Map Icon Map View 

This secret farm is hard to find but worth the effort to locate. Tucked away in a sparsely populated portion of Inverness County in the West Lake Ains . . .

West Lake Ainslie $185,000 Tom Childs
5329o Unique 200 Acre Eco-system Lake Ainslie
O - 5329 - MLS/PID# 50052059  Map Icon Map View 

This 200 acre unique waterfront ecosystem is very well documented due to a recent naturalist / wood cruiser's report being available. The land is loca . . .

Scottsville $175,000 Tom Childs
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