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Each Thursday we send a Nova Scotia Real Estate Newsletter to everyone that has subscribed to our service.

Our email is in HTML format which includes key photos and links to new and sold properties. To keep the size to a minimum and avoid filling up your computer with our images, we do not send the images attached to the HTML newsletter. When you read the email, the images are pulled from our web site.

We occasionally include other information.


We only use your email address for the email updates.

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You can subscribe on our web site at http://www.tradewindsrealty.com/signup.php

You can unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of any newsletter you receive.

Please do not reply to the Newsletter to unsubscribe - this is an automated mailing list address - your message will not be read.


I subscribed but I'm not receiving the newsletter:

We usually make three attempts to deliver the Update to your address - if it still will not process, your email address is removed from the mailing list. The most common reasons are listed below.

1. The email address you provided when you subscribed was incorrect.

Solution: Try subscribing again at http://www.tradewindsrealty.com/signup.php

2. Your mailbox has reached capacity.

Solution: Try clearing up your account and subscribe again at http://www.tradewindsrealty.com/signup.php

3. Spam blocking software or filters (rules) on your computer or a blocking service provided by your ISP are preventing delivery.

Solution: - Check your spam blocking filters and/or rules - contact your ISP to determine if our address is being blocked.
Email from the address, new@tradewindsrealty.com must be accepted or you will not be able to receive the newsletter.

I unsubscribed but I'm still receiving the newsletter:

1. You attempted to unsubscribe using the mailing list address (new@tradewindsrealty.com).
The iNewsletter address is part of an automated system and sending a message there will not remove you from our list.

Solution: Please use the link provided at the bottom of the iNewsletter email to unsubscribe.

I am receiving the newsletter but it does not display properly in my email program:

Our email is in HTML format which includes photos and links to our web site. Your email client must be configured to display in HTML format. Not all clients display the content accurately.

Solution: Check your email client settings to insure html and photo display are enabled.

Some email clients require that the senders address be in the address book before it will display photos and other elements in emails.
Try adding our sending address (new@tradewindsrealty.com) in your address book.

Our latest iNewsletter is posted here and can be viewed with your web browser.

None of These or Questions/Comments?

Please send an email to chester@tradewindsrealty.com