Lisa Collicutt

Lisa Collicutt, Support Staff

O: 902-275-5613  F: 902-275-2215
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Lisa has been part of the Tradewinds Realty administration team since 2006 and enjoys her position as listing coordinator. Mostly, she enjoys imagining herself living in the beautiful homes she processes pictures for every day.

When Lisa is not diligently working away behind the two monitors at her Tradewinds desk, she can most likely be found at home, hunkered down behind her own monitor, weaving tales of Paranormal / Romance, or slapping paint on a canvas, in true amateur artist fashion.

Most recently she's achieved her goal of becoming a published author, with several novels on the shelves and many more in the works.

Lisa looks forward to many more years with the Tradewinds Realty team!