Tom Childs

Tom Childs, REALTOR®

C: 902-756-3073  O: 866-325-1001
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Born in France, brought up in Bermuda during WWII, and educated mainly in the United States, Tom became a financial professional after leaving the USMCR in 1964. Early experience in Vancouver with Burns Bros & Denton (as they were in those days) led to Bay Street in Toronto, Wall Street, and ultimately to 16 years in the City of London.

A retired member of the CFA Institute, Tom maintains old contacts and values time spent in staying abreast of the world financial markets. Also a painter and fisherman, Tom will occasionally produce a black powder muzzle loader, patterned on eighteenth century Long Rifles, but is mainly found these days with camera and Poodle recording new listings, as well as local scenery.

Originally intending a slower paced life in Cape Breton, Tom was captivated by real estate and with his web designer wife are now thoroughly caught up in marketing the unusual and beautiful properties of Cape Breton Island.